Empire Hotel Subang visits Ci Hang Chempaka Old Folks Home

Saturday, 20th February 2016

Shah Alam, 20th February 2016 - At Empire Hotel Subang, we are committed to making a positive contribution to the society and community in our vicinity. Focusing our corporate social responsibility and effort on important social issues, we endeavor to contribute, support and help to provide for those who most need a great place to live, learn and grow.

Empire Hotel Subang with its core’s belief and effort to give back to the society has once again partner with the Empire Shopping Gallery to visit the Ci Hang Cempaka Old Folks Home. The Ci Hang Chempaka Home is a home for the elderly and sickly. Some 42 elderly people were treated to a sumptuous buffet lunch hosted by the Hotel. The menu was carefully crafted by the Executive Chef, Jamaluddin to ensure that it is healthy yet delicious for the elderly.

Red money packets and mandarins were distributed to all the residents as a sign of blessing and honor. Together, the staff served and mingled with the residents of the Home. To add merriment and joy, the Hotel and Shopping Gallery associates performed and sang some classical “oldies”.

Empire Hotel Subang aspires to continuously seek ways to contribute back to the society. The annual CSR programe aims at helping others to improve their lives.

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